The Calculus III Spring 1999 Poly-Ring Surface Circus
• February 9th Staging 10 RING BIG TOP on Feb. 9! at Parkway's Barretts Elementary School.
• May 6th Staging 4 RING BIG TOP on May 6! at Rockwood's Stanton Elementary School.
• May 13th Staging 8 RING BIG TOP at Rockwood's Wild Horse Elementary School.

Shawn P. Wilson, Artistic Director / John J. Giacalone, Staging Director / Atoosa Poorhamidi, Technical Director

Mathematical Function And Surface Artists:
Jason E. Austermann, Ellipsoidist / Craig J. Boling, Planetist
Stuart L. Dill, Beller / Steven A. Fredericks, Sphereist
John J. Giacalone, Tennisballer and Webist / Michael C. Golden, Earthist
Michael A. Kesselring, Cylinderist / Jordan W. Lane, Juggler and Coneician
Christina A. Miller, Ellipsoidist / Ryan R. Montgromery, Cylinderist
Carmelo V. Morello, Cylinderist and Rhythmist / Robert E. Ochs, Ellipsoider
Atoosa Poorhamidi, Ellipsoider / Robert L. Riegler, Elliptic Paraboloidist
James R. Schmidt, Sphereist and Guitarist / Faranak Shadmani, Ellipsoidist
Mark E. Tisdahl, Dolphin Proboscisist / Bill Thayer, Eggist
Jeff L. Tochtrop, Baseician and Ellipsoider / Michael C. West, Sphereist
Shawn P. Wilson, Ring Master, Musician and Ellipsoidist

Adjunct Mathematical Function And Surface Artists:

Jimmy Tokos Jr., Pseudosphereist and Trumpeter / Jeff Koziatek, Juggler and Theatricsist
Marcus E. Jimerson, Octic Groupologist / John D. Archer, Morphologist
Yes, we know - greek "ist" & latin "er" - something.

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Three Ring Math Circus Fun Fall 1998 Semester.

Poly-Ring Math Circus Fun Spring 1998 Semester.