St. Louis Community College at Meramec

Mathematics Department

For Mr. William Thayer' Courses

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    1. Attended every class meeting?

    2. Read your course material and textbook carefully? - including the first chapters?

    3. Regularly done all homework?

    4. Followed Suggestions on How to Study Math?

    5. Consulted with Mr. Thayer in his office, SW 218?

    6. Checked to see if there is a Student Supplement to your textbook or material on reserve in the library or on the internet?

    7. Reviewed the textbook and materials from your last math course?

    8. Checked out and studied other math books from the school library?

    9. Viewed the video tapes in the school library? These tapes cover Elementary Algebra and Intermediate Algebra Topics and other mathematics.

    Be sure to visit the drop-in math tutoring centers at the main campus, South County Education Center, and West County Education Center regularly.

    Ask your instructor about the College tutoring options.


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