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Disruptive Behavior:

Behavior that is disruptive to the instructor or students is contrary to quality education. Should the instructor determine that an individual student's verbal or nonverbal behavior is hampering another student's ability to understand or concentrate on the class material, the instructor will speak with that student in an effort to rectify the problem behavior. If the behavior continues after this discussion, the instructor will have the disruptive student leave the class. Permission to return to class may be dependent upon assurances that the student has met with some responsible individual about the problem: the mathematics department chairman, a counselor, the Dean of Student Support Services, etc.

Cheating and/or Plagiarism

An instructor who has evidence that a student may have cheated or plagiarized an assignment or test should confer with the student. Students may then be asked to present evidence (sources, first draft, notes, etc.) that the work is his own. If the instructor determines that cheating or plagiarism has occurred, he may assign a failing grade to the test, the assignment, or the course, as he sees fit.

Access Office

The college's Access office guides, counsels, and assists students with disabilities. If you receive services through the Access office and need special arrangements (seating closer to the front of the class, a notetaker, extended time for testing, or other approved accommodations), please make an appointment with your instructor during the first week of classes to discuss these needs. Any information you share will be held in strict confidence, unless you give the instructor permission to do otherwise.

Attendance and Grading

Attendance is expected at all class meetings. Each individual instructor determines the grading system for his/her class. Grading scales, methods of grading, make-up policy, and penalties resulting from excessive absences will be discussed early in the semester.

Final Exams (Departmental)

In the Fall and Spring semesters, a portion of the final examinations given in MTH:OO1, MTH:007, MTH:140 and MTH:I60 may be designed by the Mathematics Department.

Course Repeater Policy

Students must file a petition seeking departmental approval before enrolling in the same Meramec mathematics course for the third time. The petition process will involve writing a formal petition and meeting with a math faculty advisor to design a course of action that will improve chances for success.


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