Ely Chautauqua Parade and Circus Fun Instructor: William V. Thayer Chautauqua Parade and Circus Fun Lucy

One ball adventurers learn and practice basic methods of juggling. As doers, they apply their level of science, mathematical skill and general muse* skill to exploit amusement. Then each learner shares some juggling ideas and amusements with others and the public.

Three ball figure eight or two ball shower patterns are fun to learn for beginning risk takers. Advanced flyers may want bouncing patterns and more. As more coordination develops through practice, every learner also uses thoughtful skills to make flying objects interesting for all. Toss time and drop time leads to rhythm and music. Easy to make designs provide background scenery and costumes. Amaze others with number juggling and magic tricks. Each participant has an opportunity to give a show, be in a parade or take the next juggling course.

Anyone older than 11 years is encouraged to give this developmental coordination course a try for one or more days! Teachers - Educators are welcome to stay after class to learn ways to use juggling in their class activities and enhance student learning.

Course Schedules:
TAPROOTS School Of The Arts - Please log in your interest in taking a Basic Chautauqua Juggling class.**
Chautauqua Institution, First Week, June 1998
*spirit inspiring an artist
**Next TAPROOTS Juggling class starts Sept. 26 at 1 p.m.

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