At TAPROOTS School Of The Arts

The place is: 4021 Iowa, St. Louis, MO 63118

Telephone Number is: 314 752 9752

You may pay $20.00 to attend any single class.

Basic tuition for all five classes is $85.00 per student.

Senior Citizens, 55 years or older, tuition is $65.00 per student.

If you are employed as an educator then a letter from your employer to your juggling instructor, William V. Thayer, will qualify you for a $65.00 per educator tuition rate for five classes.

Parents may bring family members at half tuition for the next family member, a quarter tuition for the next, and so on.

All tuition must be payed before class starts.

Each student will need three juggling balls or bags in each class. These can be made using dry rice, corn, or beans. Or you may purchase a book and/or juggling bags from your local book or toy store. For example, Juggling for the Complete Klutz book and three bags runs about $11.00.

You will need a white T-shirt to make juggling designs during the third class. This may be a used shirt if you wish.

Telephone 314 821 5299 for more information.

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