The Botanical Garden Mathematics Projects

Latitude/longitude coordinates are (38.613161,-90.259159).

geodesic dome

The climatron's geodesic dome is a must see for math students and teachers. We have worked with the blue prints of the dome but do not have any other projects for it. a water parabola

In the summer of 1996 two groups of college algebra students measured the "leaping waters" fountains in the Boxwood Garden.

Project # 1

A. Find the equation for a "leaping water" given the height was measured at 104 inches and the half span was 103.5 inches. Assume the leaping water path was in the shape of a parabola.

B. Graph the path of a "leaping water" on large graph paper.

C. Use a video tape recording in slow motion to work on the physics of the "leaping water."

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