Busch Stadium Math

Latitude/Longitude coordinates are (38.624006,-90.192177)

left side right side

The oval shape of the baseball stadium is not an ellipse.

There are two congruent arc pairs consisting of an end arc and a side arc that share a common line for each arc's radius.

left side

For the outside walking area ring we have:

x^2 + ( y + 28.262 )^2 = 180427.8538

x^2 + ( y - 28.262 )^2 = (424.768)^2

for the large side arcs and:

( x + 75.509 )^2 + y^2 = 118434.4045

( x - 75.509)^2 + y^2 = (344.143)^2

for the small end arcs.

The inside of this same walking area ring has: radius 389.768 feet for the side arcs while the end arcs have a radius of 309.143 feet.

The walking area ring is at Level No. 3 and Level No. 7 is 74 feel high above No.3 while the playing area is about 26.5 feet below No. 3.

The arches of the roof extend beyond Level No. 7 by another (approx.) 30 feet.

Project # 1

Graph the top view of the walking area ring.

Project # 2

Graph a side view of the stadium exterior.

The next project is also about arcs
MTH: 155 Students study Busch Stadium Math which has an oval shape construction.

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