Greensfelder County Park

Latitude/Longitude coordinates are (38.518958,-90.677588).

Home to the St. Louis Experiential Education Council (SLEEC). Telephone SLEEC at: 314 458 9455

The Greensfelder Experiential Learning Center (GELC) is a good place to meet to consider Our Local Area Projects (OLAP) for mathematics students. An April 1997 Saturday session might work for this year.

We can plan by email so let me know of your interest. Is there an interest in meeting in April 97?

Greensfelder County Park Projects

Project # 1

Hill 885 Run

What is the slope of the 1253 foot road that starts at an elevetion of 885 feet and ends at 680 feet?

Draw a top view and a side cut view then show the horizontal and vertical distances.

What angle is the incline?

What is the maximum speed that a rolling ball might reach as it moves down this slope?

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