Laumeier Sculpture Park

A St. Louis County Park

Latitude/Longitude coordinates are (38.551435,-90.415175).

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the toy

Rolling Explosion by Dennis Oppenhein (1984) is a sculpture in the Southwest parking lot area that invites a mathematics project.

What is the radius of the large roller?

Draw pictures to illustrate the over view, end view and side view.

How long is the track?

Could the roller make a complete turn?

Do the beads give a clue to the direction it is rolling?

Other sculptures in this park wait for your questions and answers.

Carrie Datillo, Josh Sakmar, Jonathan Schluter, James Rundquist, Jason Jobgen, Alison Beermann, Tammy Barge, Brian Stangler, Scott Hensley, Tom Neinast, Clay Gregorc, Tricia Stevens, Danielle Adler, Bryan Stokes, Amy Davenport, Fleet Rand, Angela Thomas, Matt Bunch, Kyle Ahrens, Wendy Truss, Adam Miller, Katherine Eggers, J. Mack Halbrook, Cynthia Kremer, Jeff Mahoney and Matt Scherrer have contributed to this project. Angela Thomas, Matt Bunch, Tom Neinast and Bryan Stokes, Fleet Rand and Amy Davenport and Cynthia Kremer extended Laumeier County Park Math Projects.

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