Artist Linda Weil

Wild Animal Drawings Preferred*
Linda has a passion for drawing as you can tell from her Web Site.

When asked if we could comment from her "LIFELIKE ANIMALS"* book for examples in my math class, she had a lot to say about her math teacher: "Her simple but effective method was to literally ILLUSTRATE the formula on the chalkboard ... For the first time I could understand and SEE what was happening and why. I actually got a grade lower for math that year ... but ... I was prouder of that grade than any A in any other class."

We will see some of Linda Weil's methods in drawing that make use of mathematics. Some that she recommends.

We will also quote from Linda's "CLOSING WORDS" (on Page 64*) some advice that could help our study of math in this class!

*Reference: "LIFELIKE ANIMALS" by Linda Weil, Walter Foster Publications, Inc. © 2008, ISBN13: 978-1-60058-067-3 .

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