More Exercises and Projects

A suggested list for some courses.

Elementary Algebra

Walking Project for Elementary Algebra

Intermediate Algebra

Measurement Project for Intermediate Algebra
Dandelin Sphere(s) coloring a conic project  1999 WVT painting

College Algebra

First Algebra Project for College Algebra
Pythagorean Points on a unit circle.
Complex Numbers and Geometry Projects Geometry and Complex Number Arithmetic
Walking Project for College Algebra
Logarithm Theorems To Prove With Exponent Rules
Shell Game Investigation Exponent Equations
Pharmacokinetics Project plasma concentration vrs time
Binomial Distribution Application To Dice Project

Precalculus I

Connections Project for Precalculus I
Logarithm Theorems To Prove With Exponent Rules
Nautilus Equations Nautilus Shell

Precalculus II

Pythagorean Triples And A Unit Circle
Arch Trig Project for Precalculus II

Course Notes and Aids


Calculus I

Converging Power Functions
Absolute Value Inequalities and Amy's Interval Theorem
Pythagorean Slopes on a unit circle
Point On A Line Project
Polynomial Shape Project
Limits Project
Moving Walkway in the D/E Concourse of Lambert Airport Terminal
Escalator at the St. Louis Galleria Mall
Moving on Slopes Project

Calculus II

Arch Trig Review Project for Calculus II
Series Project for Calculus II
Parabola as a derivative of a straight line Project for Calculus II
Shell Game on polar graph paper for arc length and area
Polar Equation of a Line I and II Project for Calculus II

Calculus III

Triple Integral Project for Calculus III

Linear Algebra

Permutations Project Linear Algebra
You may enjoy finding some math project for your class in this collection of pages or from other internet sources. If you find one, check with your teacher to see if it is a reasonable addition for your course.

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