Millennium Hotel St. Louis/Four Points by Sheraton St. Louis Downtown

Arcs And Circles Math Projects

Latitude/longitude coordinates are (38..623201,-90.188776).

RRH TOP The Top of the Millennium, Revolving Roof-top Restaurant, turns 360 degrees every one and a half hours.

RRH Mid Shot Several years ago this restaurant turned once per hour. But now it has reported more people eat at the Top of the Millennium than before. Sometimes you slow down to speed up! The yellow region denotes this restaurant.

RRH drawn from equations

RRH Bottom Shot

The hotel is lots of fun for those of you who enjoy the graphing of circles and arcs of circles.

There is an ellipse also.

Next to the Arch
The red region is an underground ballroom, the largest in St. Louis.

The yellow region is the top story, a turning tower, the only one in St. Louis.

The South Tower has an indoor pool.

The blue regions are swimming pools, one is an elliptical shape and the other is a circular.

The North Cabana, is under a bank these days.

See COMAP's Consortium No. 53, ISSN 0889 5392, Spring 1995, for "Geometry St. Louis Style" with more hotel math problems.
Inside the Four Points by Sheraton St. Louis Downtown

Danielle, Darlene, Kellie, Jill, Nanyal, Kevin, Rachel, Christina, Jennifer, Candice, Vance, Esther and Melinda demonstrate calculations using distance formulas and equations of circles.

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