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I enjoy walking a few miles while juggling each day after breakfast. They say exercise is good for the heart, body and soul. I would hope a pancreas has an opportunity to communicate with each cell in a body during this inner period. I certainly communicate with my neighborly earth inhabitants. Yet, often, I mindlessly move feet and hands while I pose a new math exercise, rehearse a lecture or drift in the warm sun light or wish on a star, particularly those in my family or ponder why me. Two miles is a long distance in steps or even feet. But any path that amounts to two miles of walking and juggling is worth a smile or two.

My Yang long form practice is often done at the end of the day. Again each organ gets a chance to massage its neighbors before sleep. While Yang Jun may be pleased with my tenacity, he would smile watching me play Tai Chi.

For one to bring their nerves to the ground state of existence, Edmund Jacobson's or if you wish Hatha Yoga's deep relaxation methods help achieve a zero energy state.

I find Mihaly Csikszentimihalyi's flow to be a good way to look at living from the psychology side yet all other views help. "Drawing a Circle in the Square" by Sally Harrison-Pepper is a good way to consider acting.

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