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Walking While Tossing At The Lodge Des Peres, MO

Walking While Tossing At The Lodge Des Peres, MO*

Walking seems tedious today so you count your steps from a starting near the entrance and get 214 steps. This reminds you that you have an instrument that counts the number of steps taken. So the next time you take your pedometer with you. It is set to pace 30 inches for each step. It also marks your time for one lap at 1' 45.17".

STARTING POINT 1. How many inches are there in one lap based on the above data?

STARTING POINT 2. How long is one lap on this track?

STARTING POINT 3. What is your speed in miles per hour?

STARTING POINT 3. You find track information that gives track length of one lap as 0.1 mile. What is the percent of the difference between 0.1 mile and your answer to #2 above with respect to 0.1 mile?

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