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Walking While Tossing At The Lodge Des Peres, MO

Walking While Tossing At The Lodge Des Peres, MO*

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The Track Drawing is a copy of the track without data about the legs of the track. I ask a Lodge person about the track dimensions and found that information not published for distribution for us at this time.

It is easy to estimate the track leg distances by counting steps for each leg and finding the percent of each leg in relation to the total number of steps around this track. The following empirical values were found by this method. The average number of steps, 185 steps, around the track could also be used to find the stride, the distance of each step, to aid in other external and personal measurements.
Track Size Percent of one lap on track for each direction. Percent of the 'T' direction cut by the wall between activities. This data is from empirical evaluation rather than blueprints. You can have a copy of this data with the drawing by clicking on this drawing, take it to the Lodge and determine how close your personal counting of steps is to these persentages.

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