Gateway Arch Calculus II Project

Consider this CLASSROOM ASSESSMENT RECORD for Fall 2001.

A Calculus Operators Of Logic (COOL) Group

Calculus Operators Of Logic go to work on the Gateway Arch project. The COOL group members are Jason, Reg, Khahn, Nick and Barb. Math artists may give you another view hence understanding of an object you saw one way.

We used the information from this Arch Web page to construct data tables similar to the data tables used by the original mathematicians and engineers. COOL worked as a team, as did the other teams on this page, to accomplish this task.

Sparkling Unicorns

Enlightenment for Adam, Joe, Steve and Kyle as the Unicorns team proves valuable in an examination of the Gateway Arch and the archived blueprints for an understanding of the related mathematics.

Steve demonstrated juggling 8 balls in class 10/24/01. He is president of our Major Magic campus juggling club.

ADT gets started

The Arch Design Team, ADT, members are Eric, Glennis, Tanja and Ljubomir.

We have information about how the architects expressed the geometric form of the Arch.

CAT Group {Calculus Application Technology}

We, Jacob, Gaiane, Angela, and Tony, at Calculus Application Technology built a mathematical chart of the Arch. We'll tell you about it.

Arch Group comments on calculations

Learn about our project from us (from left):Derek, Anthony, Kevin, Steven, and Adam not in this picture but on this link.

Arthur Grunmann talks about meeting Eero Saarinen 1

Prof. Grunmann explains the arch he saw in Saarinen's studio. 2

and about the World Trade Buildings, 3

and about the future for architects, engineers and builders. 4

Project Aids:

St. Louis Arch Centroid Station Data Sheet

How do you work with Microsoft Excel to calculate the Centroid y values.

To print a copy of the instruction picture within this Excel table link on Instructions.

Old Courthouse 5

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (JNEM) Library 6

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (JNEM)Library 7

JNEM includes the Old Courthouse and the Gateway Arch 8

Calculus Students visit on 9-27-2001 around 9:30 a.m. 9

JNEM Library has blueprints and other Arch Information 10

JNEM Librarian Tom Dewey advised our research 11

JNEM Librarian Tom Dewey 314 655 1600 12

JNEM Library has an Oral History Interview collection 13

JNEM Library's Oral History Interview collection - Bruce Detmers 14

JNEM Gateway Arch from The Old Courthouse

In this blueprint you can see two-dimensional stairs inside the arch, but more importantly you will notice the stairs fitting into three dimensional triangular segments. The whole arch is made up of equilateral triangle pieces... one can only imagine the mathematical precision it took to make sure everything would fit together correctly when it came time to start construction. (Jacob 10/2001)

JNEM Gateway Arch from The Old Courthouses 16

JNEM Gateway Arch from The Old Courthouse 17

JNEM Gateway Arch from The Old Courthouse 18

JNEM Gateway Arch from The Old Courthouse 19

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