Poly-Ring Math Surface Circus

a mathematical transformation for Your Elementary School's

"Math In Our Community Learning Activity"

Calculus III Spring 1998

Laura M. Edmonds, Artistic Director / Thadd Holdinghausen, Staging Director / Son T. Tran, Technical Director

Mathematical Function And Surface Artists:
Saad Alhajeri, doughnuter and gyroscopic ringer / Brian K. Andrasko, hyperboloidist and musician
Ben P. Drury, ellipsoidist / Laura M. Edmonds, paraboloidist / Thadd Holdinghausen, ellipsoider
James E. Huckstep, III, hyperboloidist / Jeremy M. Hudson, cylinderist, juggler, musician, coneer and rhythmist
Corey A. Luke, helixer / Nicholas A. Offerman, hyperboloider, clowner, musician and juggler
Achyut Pradhan, ellipsoider and sphereist / Sarah K. Taylor, ellipsoider / Bill Thayer, eggist
Son T. Tran, ellipsoider / Brent S. Trunko, hyperboloidist / we know - greek "ist" & latin "er" - something

Adjunct Mathematical Function And Surface Artists:

Ryan Taylor, helixer / Russell Bernard, spiralist

Calculus III Spring 1998

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