Big Top Tent Big Top Tent
Three Ring Math Surface Circus
"An Improvisational Community Learning Activity"
St. Louis Community College Mathematics Students

Kate Pappageorge, Director and Cinematographer

Mathematical Function And Surface Script Writers and Performance Artists:

Claudiu Barbu, Sphereist / Jody Bishop, Ring Master, Sphereist and Juggler / Anthony Butero, Paraboloidist and Percussionist /Arian Cala, Paraboloidist / Teresa Chivers, Hoopologist-Toruser, Cylinderist and Juggler / Jeffry "Sir Ace" Cole, Sphereist / Pollyana Cruz, Ring Master and Topographer / Simon Dirnberger, Helixer, Paraboloidist and Clownatic / Robert Green, Cylinderist and Clownatic / Josh Habermehl, Coneer and Guitarist / James Holtrop Jr., Helixer and Toruser / John Kemp Jr., Spherelogian, Helixer (on a cone), Juggler / Grant McDowell, Hyperboloidist / Tshiswaka Mpunga, Ellipsoider / Karilyn Newell, Ellipsoider / Minh Nguyen, Ellipsoidist / Kate Pappageorge, Cylinderist / Owain Price, Hyperboloidist / Kathy Richards, Toruser and Videographer / Robyn Sindel, Toruser / Bill Thayer, Eggist / Mary Ellen Tomlinson, Helixer (on an elliptical cylinder) and Jumpoligist / Forrest Truemper, Hyperboloidist / and Heather Voorhees, Sphereist / we know - greek "ist" & latin "er" - something

Adjunct Mathematical Function And Surface Artists:

Jimmy Tokos Jr., Pseudosphereist and Trumpeter

Initial Mathematical Function And Surface Script Writers and Artists (Spring 1998):

Saad Alhajeri, Brian K. Andrasko, Ben P. Drury, Laura M. Edmonds, Thadd Holdinghausen, James E. Huckstep, III, Jeremy M. Hudson, Corey A. Luke, Nicholas A. Offerman, Achyut Pradhan, Sarah K. Taylor, Son T. Tran, and Brent S. Trunko


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