Function Festival 2000-1

Escalator Fun At The St. Louis Galleria Mall

Galeria Theater Up Escalator

[ d = r t ] 1. The escalator* from the theater level to the ground floor of the Galleria Mall Atrium takes you 16 feet above the theather ticket office floor. There is a 30 degree inclination of this escalator with respect to the theater floor.

Galeria Theater Up Escalator

[ d = r t ] 2. Next time you go to this mall take a stopwatch and time the trip from the theater floor escalator comb to the ground floor escalator comb. Please send your results to us!

[ d = r t ] 3. You will need to add 16 inches at the top and 16" at the bottom** as well as calculate the tread belt distance from floor to floor, using information from step 1 above, to find a value for d.

[ d = r t ] 4. Find the escalator tread rate, r, or speed using your time and the total*** distance from comb to comb of the escalator.

[ d = r t ] 5. Now substitute your value for the escalator rate, r, or speed into d = r t so that

d = (your number for rate) t

forms a linear relationship between d and t. Now we consider your formula for distance, d, to be a "function" of time, t.

Galeria Theater UP Escalator

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Notes And Hints:

*escalator - stairway treads moving from floor to floor - the treads form a belt or chain.

** 16" at the top and bottom allow for the step to be level with the floor.

*** Have you calculated the length of this escalator? Remember a 30 dregree angle is half of a sixty degree angle and sides opposite equal angles are equal.

For more information and ideas about an escalator project you may link to a page written by one of the following math artists: Danielle, Darlene, Kellie, Jill, Nanyal, Kevin, Crystal, Rachel, Christina, Jennifer, Candice, Vincent, Esther and Melinda. Most of us are in this picture but not in order of names.

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