Function Festival 2000-1

Walkway Fun At Lambert Terminal

Rate or Speed Ideas

[ d = r t ] 1. The moving walkway* from the D concourse to the E concourse. The last moving walkway going from West to East and the first going from East to West in the concourse linking the East Terminal with the Main Terminal. The length of this moving walkway is 284 feet 9.5 inches.

[ d = r t ] 2. Next time you go to this concourse take a stopwatch and time the trip from the east comb to the west comb of this moving walkway. Please send your results to us!

D11 Moving Walkway Between D36 and E33

[ d = r t ] 3. Find the moving walkway rate, r, or speed using your time and the total distance from comb to comb of the moving walkway.

[ d = r t ] 4. Now substitute your value for the moving walkway rate, r, or speed into d = r t so that

d = (your number for rate) t

is a relationship between d and t. Now we consider your formula for distance, d, to be a "function" of time, t.

D11 Moving Walkway Between D36 and E33


*a moving walkway looks like an escalator but is level instead of a stairway moving from floor to floor it takes you from one place to another on the same floor.

For more information and ideas about this project you may link to a page written by one of the following math artists: Danielle, Darlene, Kellie, Jill, Nanyal, Kevin, Crystal, Rachel, Christina, Jennifer, Candice, Vincent, Esther and Melinda. Most of us are in this picture but not in order of names.

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