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Hello....My Name is Bill and I live in Manitou Springs, CO. I am a mathematics teacher and enjoy math projects and collaborative learning. Saint Louis area attractions, Colorado projects, juggling talks and math performances are some of my favorite projects listed below.
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/ WT's Favorite Continued Fraction / Function Festival / Carousel / Helix / Poly-Ring Math Surface Circus / Out Juggling In My Class / The Saint Louis Gateway Arch / Our Local Amusement Park / The St. Louis Science Center Planetarium / Millennium Hotel / The Botanical Garden Math Projects / Jefferson Barracks Bridge Mathematics Projects / Old Busch Stadium Math / Monks Mound in Cahokia Mds. Park / Greensfelder County Park / Powder Valley Foot Bridge / Laumeier County Park / Saint Louis Community College at Meramec / StL Global Positioning System and Traffic Maps / More Exercises / Tai Chi, Walking and Juggling / Keysor Elementary School, Kirkwood, Mo. / Example Presentations and Shows / Pythagorean Numbers or Triples / Calculus Field Trips, Models and Assessments / Number Place Example A: (rules like sudoku?) / Geometry Of Castel Del Monte / A New Juggling Fable / Sugar / For Students Of   Mathematics / Lodge Walking / Rings Projects / Artist Linda Weil's Drawings

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Astonish yourself by learning to juggle!

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