MAJOR MAGIC - A Community Service

MerAmec Juggling ORganization MAGIC of St. Louis Community College

Marching in a Parade

Welcome to juggling at your Saint Louis Community College!

We are a tossen, droppen, catchen group of students and staff that try to
get together once in a while to play juggling, show juggling and teach juggling.

When School is in session we juggle outside in the Applied Science (AS) - Lecture Hall (LH) Quadrangle or Lecture Hall Atrium. Meet with Mr. Thayer, Math. Dept., or other jugglers when you have some free time and go for it!

We host the Saint Louis Community College Juggling Clubs at Forest Park, Florissant Valley, Wildwood and the Downtown Education Center, South County Education and University Center, and William J. Harrison Northside Education Center.

We cosponsor the St. Louis Juggling Club's JUGGLING SESSION for one hour each week for our community service.

You are welcome to learn about student leadership and promote MAJOR MAGIC as a Meramec campus juggling club president any semester. Please give it a try!

See Mr. Thayer if you wish to get a list of current campus jugglers and how to contact them - put your name on the list as well.

Keep an eye on our location URL for meeting information. Some activity information and a map are available.

No fees or dues but we try to keep a high GPA for membership,
after all, we are the MAJOR.

!!!!!!!!!!KEEP EM UP!!!!!!!!!!

MAJOR MAGIC is an affiliate of the ST. Louis Juggling Club


Background MAJOR information from the Montage.

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