A General Goal Orientation To Learning Mathematics

Instructor: William V. Thayer

You may wish to keep in mind SOME GENERAL GOALS that may help you focus YOUR THINKING ENERGY while you study a math course.

Learning in a mathematics course may be enhanced by your willingness to use and thereby improve:

within your individual studies, during small group interaction, through all class activities and in your community.*

Consider the above list as you strive for excellence in understanding mathematical ideas and develop corresponding techniques. Add more activities or general goals by experimenting with new ones that may help you increase learning or make learning more meaningful and pleasant. Reorganize your methods and even style of learning for deeper understanding and interest. Pursue the lines of inquiry that you find your mind selects naturally while not diverging from the outline of course material too far. It is OK to spend large amounts of time studying just a few ideas, pages, or problems and as a matter of fact this is YOUR MAGIC for learning mathematics. Also give yourself personal permission for making lots of mistakes. Use the criterion of "when time seems to flow" as your gauge for individual development to realize a sense of accomplishment then personal complexity may change as well. Don't get stuck or stay stuck! Help yourself to be an expressive engaged learner, that is, "be all you can be".

* Keep pencil and a learning journal, log or just plain scratch paper next to you and actively fill in the details of ideas that lack continuity.

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