Be A First Annual Math Valentine For Year 2000

On A Tour Of Some Saint Louis Sights

"Gateway to the Heart of Math"

Ladies and gentleman, students, parents and teachers you don't need to be a globetrotter to pursue applications of math. This excursion will highlight your city and county with an individual itinerary made for your math investigation. Join us for a spin around town to see and experience many examples of all levels of math.

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The Smothers Brothers had an example of the reflexive, symmetric, transitive and substitution properties of "love" that may best fit your feelings for your St. Louis this time of year. Something like: "You love me for loving you and I love you for loving me. So much in love are we with we - - - - - that you love you and I love me. (from "Mom Always Liked You Best - We Love Us") All guests are most welcome for


Contact Your Tour Guide & Juggler William V. Thayer For His

Saturday, February 12, 2000, Math Outing.

Call 821 5299 for more information or Email:

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