Millennium Hotel St. Louis Ballroom Math Projects

Ballroom Radii

P1 (199, -210.91666)           P13 (127.4611, -43.10119)           P14 (270.5389, -43.10119)
P3 (145.5, -85.41666)           P16 (127.4611, -127.7321)           P15 (270.5389, -127.7321)
P5 (199, 40.08333)           P11 (199, -85.41666)           P4 (252.5, -85.41666)
P40 (199, -158.474)           P50 (98, -14.1784)           P42 (301.2294, -14.81154)
P49 (105.8378, -10.59408)           P41 (292.162, -10.59464)           P30 (307.343, 22.04857)
P51 (93.51541, -6.451813)           P27 (90.65699, 22.04857)          

In the interest of showing that Millennium Hotel St. Louis Ballroom is the largest in St. Louis with a graph and calculations we first find the equations of each of the arcs of the ballroom.

The red line from P1 to P13 is the radius of the arc between P13 and P14. Find the equation of this arc and use inequalities or absolute value inequalities to specify the x and y values used in this arc. Do the same process for the arc with center P3 between P13 and P16, center P5 for arc between P15 and P16, and center P4 for arc through P14 and P15.

Use symmetry, areas of sectors, and areas of triangles to determine the area of the ballroom.

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Inside the Four Points by Sheraton St. Louis Downtown

Danielle, Darlene, Kellie, Jill, Nanyal, Kevin, Rachel, Christina, Jennifer, Candice, Vance, Esther and Melinda demonstrate calculations using distance formulas and equations of circles.

Millennium Hotel St. Louis Math Projects

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