Millennium Hotel St. Louis Math Projects

Tower Radii

P0 (0, 0)           P60 (0, 18)           P61 (0, 36)
P62 (0, 48)           P63 (0, 53)           P57 (66.74008, 13.20372)
P52 (85.58134, -10.1416)           P24 (75.75646, 54.08855)           P25 (82.96675, 38.58458)
P26 (83.20672, 38.06856)           P27 (90.65699, 22.04857)           P50 (98, -14.1784)
P51 (93.51541, -6.451813)

The Millennium Hotel St. Louis Tower has a Revolving Roof-top Restaurant that turns 360 degrees every one and a half hours. The ring that turns is in yellow between points P61 and P62. P60 is a point on the penthouse elevator ring while P63 is a point on the outermost restaurant roof top. Find the equations of each of the circles.

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Millennium Hotel St. Louis Math Projects

Inside the Four Points by Sheraton St. Louis Downtown

Danielle, Darlene, Kellie, Jill, Nanyal, Kevin, Rachel, Christina, Jennifer, Candice, Vance, Esther and Melinda demonstrate calculations using distance formulas and equations of circles.

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