Keysor Elementary School's 20 MPH Speed Limit

by William V. Thayer and a College Algebra Class

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Safety first is the new image around the Kirkwood, Missouri, elementary schools. The City of Kirkwood is moving forward with slower speed and more police supervision and now we need the support of the community. This picture was taken near Keysor Elementary School, 725 N. Geyer Road.


Passing In An Intersection

with double yellow under your tires and a safety patrol student on guard at the light.

Safety First

More pictures with comments about the safety of the Keysor Elementary School Zone area.

Conduct a study of the school zone and consider the studies that have been completed in the past.

Consider examples that you find safer as potential ways of increassing safety of your school zone.

New speed limit signs may take years to get some change in the flow of traffic. For this reason many school zones have engineered methods to change the conditions. An example is the North Glendale Elementary School's stop sign rotated into position during the few minutes time school starts and the few minutes at the end of the day.

Maybe with the new school zone signs and 20 MPH speed limit

we need a policeman around helping us pay some attention. Sometimes on foot would give a visable impression! Or should we consider engineered methods.

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