The Saint Louis Science Center Planetarium

Latitude/longitude coordinates are (38.616885423,-90.267086263)
with an elevation of 517 feet.

Drawing by Scott Zaiss, SLCC at Meramec Science and Tech. Computer Lab.,
from equations of the Planetarium.

Drawing from equations.

While in stock "Mathematics of the St. Louis Science Center Planetarium" by William V. Thayer, (c) 1989, can be snail mailed to you upon a request through email. You must give a snail mail address and include your full first and last name as well as the name of your school. This article is 18 pages of formulas and problems related to the structure of the planetarium that you may use in your class.

See also: Geometry, St. Louis Style, by William V. Thayer in
CONSORTIUM, The Newsletter of Consortium for Mathematics
and Its Applications (COMAP), Number 53, Spring 1995.
email: order@COMAP.COM

Drawing from equations.

You may like to rotate:

                          X = 30.5 ( 1 + Y^2 /15.4^2)^0.5 

           for -40 less than or equal to Y less than or equal to 14.5 

about the Y axis to get the general idea of what you see from
Highway 40.

Copyright (c) 1989 William V. Thayer, All Rights Reserved