Basic Numbers Script

JUG:004 Basic Numbers is my course in which we toss from one to many balls

and deal with the various properties thereof.

A first step in learning to juggle is to toss one object from hand to hand.

ACTION Pick up a ball or Take the BALL #1 page out of the program packet. Wad and crumple it up into a paper ball as you say:

Take BALL #1 ( page out of your program packet and make a paper ball out of it. )

Please stand up and toss your paper ball from one hand to the other.

Back and forth.

ACTION Mime a toss then hold up a pattern. Take out the 16" x 16" wooden square.

Attempt to toss 16 inches high by 16 inches wide.

ACTION Pantomime the action in the big graph.

That's above waist height to head high.

Say the word TOSS when you toss the ball.

Catch on the outside and toss from the inside so you peak off the opposite ear.

ACTION Turn up the circus music for a minute and say:

Put your hands out in front of you a little more than usual to see all the action.

Keep your eyes on the ball as it reaches the peak, excuse me, the vertex, in the toss.

Watch the parabolic path of the ball.

FIRST TRANSPARENCY • Tossing One Ball and Marching to Music

Of course you have a test now and even better - a parade!

Please follow ________ marching around this room and toss as you march. ...

PAUSE Move around the Parade holding the 16" pattern up for a test!

ACTION After 3 to 4 min. - turn down the circus music while giving a few short blasts from the whistle and say:


Please be seated but save this ball for later.

ACTION Take out the balls and juggle. ...such as those being demonstrated now. Have volunteers use different patterns.

SECOND TRANSPARENCY • Some Juggling Pattern Names

Basic Numbers continues with some patterns such as a two ball fountain,

then a three ball shower,

! A DROP !

on into a figure eight cascade, reverse cascade, then columns

and a synchronized four ball fountain

or an alternating four ball fountain (asynchronized)

bounce patterns . . . then

ACTION Juggling patterns for an even number of balls are quite different from the juggling patterns for an odd number of balls.

Passing patterns between jugglers extends my Basic Numbers course past school.

Sir, you did well with your first ball pass, would you mind helping with . . .

Well maybe that puts the AU in AUDIENCE - THANK YOU!

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